Jellyfish Head of Partnerships Billy Robbins unpacks the nuance of BD
All companies are on the path from non-consensus to consensus
Ex-Head of Sales and CS at Notion and VP CS at Typeform discusses how to discover and iterate on the ICP

February 2023

Traversing through the idea maze in non-obvious markets and approximating market size on problem value
Services are a prerequisite for enterprise sales, driving adoption and lifetime values
As retention comes into focus, consumer playbooks have lots of lessons to impart
Letting the ICP guide investment in Product and GTM

January 2023

The increasing influence of partners in SaaS purchasing and investing with conviction
Business model quality, transactional and subscription revenue, and going deep to go broad
The role of emotion in B2B Sales and capitalising on buyer motivations
Pursuing product-market pricing fit, demand curves, and price discovery

December 2022

Predicting the evolution of the AI Value Chain